When your pain makes you fall, remember, just remember that God sees it all. May God heal the broken hearts. the ones who cannot express their pain. The ones who are tired of thinking. The ones who need a break. May God put an end to your sadness, may He put a smile on your face soon.

I pray that you never see the ugliness in someone you loved with all your heart.

I pray you never see how cheap you are to someone who means the world.

I pray you never see how easy for them to let you go.

I pray you never get hurt by someone you always tried to heal.

I pray you never feel betrayed by someone you were the most loyal person to.

I pray you never feel a burden to someone you carried their sadness as if it's yours.

I pray you never get broken by your favorite person alive.


Pray as much as you want. But be sure of this. There always will be all of these types of persons. The ones that would hurt and betray and destroy and leave you broken, and even without any reason sometimes, so many types of people.

Why is that?

Because this is the real world.


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